Rods, Rivers, Rafts and Wild Trout!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Showers bring some streamer fishing!

This season is off and running!  The streams are full and the forecast seems to call for a little most moisture for the next few weeks.  The fish have been moving upstream and we are finding them in their summer holding spots.  We have been floating as much as possible lately and the fishing has been hot and cold.  Any angler who has some patience and a lot of effort has a great chance to turn a BIG FISH!  We have been floating all sections of the river and they all seem to be fishing about the same.  Here are a few shot of some of the best of the season so far.  I hope to continue to post good fishing pics and up to date reports.   

Here is a nice brown caught with fishing the old bobber and stonefly rig.  Not bad for the first fish of the day!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When the Ice Breaks!

Well, here in Wyoming we are having terribly, good weather this month of April.  Terrible in the sense that our highs in temp are barely reaching 40 degrees on the best days and early mornings feel like we are still in January.  Just this week, on my way to ZERO HOUR at 6 am the temp was into the single digits.  Good in the sense that we have had lots of new snow in the high country and out waters will be blessed due to the cold weather.  Ice has been breaking up on the local lakes and rivers over the past few weeks and fishing is picking up.  The green and new fork rivers have already been getting hit hard with drift boats and walk/waders.  Please remember if you are going to venture out that we are in prime season for Rainbow trouts spawn.  Watch for spawn beds and do not cast near them.  We are starting to see nice weather this week and the water temps will soon raise to a level that promotes mayfly action.  Currently the best option for bring a trout to the net is stripping streamers very slowly or nymph rigging.  Prince and cooper johns are getting action all day long.  Stop by 2 rivers fly shop and make sure to grab a few new prince patterns that are in!  The summer will quickly be upon us, so starting planning a trip soon!  i predict the best time this season will be early JULY, due to the current conditions and weather forecast.
A few guides from 2 rivers and I are headed to the SIMMS ICE OUT guide show this weekend and will be posting pictures soon from the event.   Just a feedback review for SIMMS--  they are the best in waders!  I toured their factory last year and I will forever be a customer.  They truly are the best in the world at what they do and they will stand behind their product, every time!  If your in the market for waders, wading boots or new fishing apparel, check out SIMMS!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fishing the fall was full of great weather, healthy trout, and good times on the water.  Overall, my clients caught great fish the season.  We battled low water levels all of August and that placed a great challenge on the fisherman and a great deal of pressure on the fish.  I had to spread the floats out much more then usual, and some of my favorite fishing spots were unfloatable come late summer.  My boat seem to be the cutty killer this year.  Not that we killed a bunch of helpless little cutt-throat but we boated monster cuttys this season.  multiple fish over 20 inches were nets, filmed, and released.  The big-big browns that I am always in the hunt for were just not as consistent as in years past.  We caught some--  but not many over 20 inches.  The new Eddy from clackacraft is a great boat.  I love it and compared to the drift boat competition out there--  anyone looking for a new fishing vehicle needs to check them out.  well-- till next spring--  happy hunting!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bugs, Sun, Water, Rods, Clack and I hope the fish bite!

 This was a great day with a new client named Pat.  She is such a neat lady and a great fisherman.  She caught fish on every pattern we used that day and everything came together  for her when this 21 inch brown trout came to the net.  What a fish and a great day on the water with Pat.

Pat with aother greta fish that day.

The Lodge at Jackson Fork

Over the last few weeks I have spent a lot of time teaching the sport of fly-fishing to many clients.  New ANGLERS are fun to be around.  To be there for their first fish on a fly rod, or to see them start to understand the loading of a rod during the cast, or see them make and perfect cast, to see them loose a few battles to a fighting fish, or even lose their first fly rig to a undercut bank.  It often reminds me of the first few years I found the sport.  I would spend an hour retrieving a fly from a branch on a tree because it was the only one I had left and I did not have anymore money to buy a $2.00 fly at the shop. 

 Here is a nice rainbow caught on a guide special fly!!!!  Brandon was part of a 6 group crew from JFL that learned to fly fish for the first time the day before landing this great fish.

Kevin with a nice rainbow that fell hard for a big bug!!  

Dave with a nice bow. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


2012 Clacka Eddy

The new boat is sweet.  Been out a few times over the last few weeks and love the way in tracks on the water.  Clackacraft is leading the industry in drift boats.  The new Eddy model is a great combo of the 16 LP and a Skiff.  The boat rows and moves on the water with little effot, offers plenty of room for both rower and fisherman and their gear.  The Eddy also holds in currents that other models and makes would not be able to hold in as easily.  A few fishing guides went fishing a few days ago in the boat, and we all agreed that the Eddy is a solid boat, built for a serious fly fishing addict that is looking for one of the best boats on the market.  We were all impressed with the boats ability to back row runs bank hop quickly, making the job of the guide or rower much easier.  Long days rowing is a broken record for fishing guides and the EDDY, simply put, makes your job easier.  The Eddy holds up the Clacka reputation and offers a few modifications to fit the needs of individual fishermen.  I am a fan of the single front box instead of the mega box, because it just makes more sense for the fishing trips I take.  The Eddy has plenty of storgae space for day trips and three fisherman.  The Boat is great and anyone looking to buy a new drift boat should take a serious look at the EDDY!

The first fish on the new EDDY!  A solid Rainbow, on a beautiful da,y with a great friend, in a new drift boat---  GOOD DAYS!

Travis Archibald

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Summer weather is here in Western Wyoming.  Since the release of school, I have been able to fit in a few fishing trips.  A few walk/wades and a few floats with a good friend Tim Scott.  We have been fishing a little of everything on both the main rivers in our area and small streams.  I actually made a trip over to fish the Salt River in Star Valley this weekend and that river is fishing really well.  Golden Stones are coming off mid-day and fish are looking up!    Just picked up my new Clacka Eddy this weekend as well and can't wait to put the first fish in the new BOAT. 

 A 22 inch brown the was sun bathing mid-day from the cold, dark winter months. 

 Tim Scott wiht the first fish on a dry fly of the season on the river.  Big Cutty + Tim = Big smiles

Another solid brown from the early june fishing trips. The fishing looks to be troubled this summer due to water levels.  July may bring low low water and make sections non-floatable in a drift boat.  We are praying that our water levels hold for a few weeks.